Project-Based Learning

AMWA is thrilled to help foster project-based learning in schools. Studies have proven that students make interdisciplinary connections and gain critical thinking skills through the real-life experiences in project-based learning. AMWA is pleased to highlight two of our successful museum-school collaborations below:

During the 2015-16 and 2016-17 school years, AMWA partnered with Rocky Heights Middle School in Douglas County for project-based learning experiences. Students researched the Museum and history of the American West, with the ultimate goal of teaching this content to the district’s elementary students. Buffalo Ridge Elementary School was the eager partner for the project, and the 8th grade students were tasked with creating tours and on-site activities for the 5th graders they taught.

During the 2014-15 school year, the American Museum of Western Art—The Anschutz Collection partnered with Rocky Heights Middle School in Douglas County for a project-based learning experience. Students researched the Museum and took on the roles and responsibilities of Museum staff during their visit, with the ultimate goal of marketing AMWA to their peers. Students offered kudos and suggestions for everything from a new slogan, “The West is What We Do Best,” to in-gallery activities, social media targets, and exterior signage. AMWA was so impressed with the outcome of this special project that we’ve highlighted a few of the final products here.

AMWA is a great place for a field trip! Find out why as you browse one student’s carefully-designed brochure.

Can you identify the AMWA artworks described by this student’s poems?

Creative advertising brings the benefits of a visit to life!

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