The Anschutz Collection

The Anschutz Collection is made up of over 600 paintings, drawings, and sculptures representing more than 180 artists. The Collection is on permanent display at the American Museum of Western Art, a Denver art museum, and represents a survey of the American West from the early 19th century to present day.

Below we have provided examples from the schools and styles of art that contributed to the development of the American West and American art. Click on each style or school to learn and explore more paintings and hear excerpts from the Museum audio guide.

The Anschutz Collection Exhibition History

Portions of The Anschutz Collection were exhibited throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, China, and the former Soviet Union. In 1999 the artwork was installed in the Navarre Building, and in 2010 AMWA was founded as the permanent home of The Anschutz Collection.